The Table

Some of my most cherished memories have been spent around the table. Eating and drinking is a basic need for humans, but it's the social element that makes us a unique species.

After times happy and sad, we commune and take our meals at the table. When we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or milestones, we go out to eat. Why is that? The power of food is substantial. On a visceral level we connect our best memories to the food we are enjoying at the time. We want to be romanced by the table settings, the lighting, the music- and food comforts as only a warm embrace could.

For those who adopt the lifestyle of social eating and drinking, we like to be challenged by combinations of flavors and textures. We long for new experiences, new sensations. We appreciate the dynamic while cherishing tradition.

For many, more than one course during a meal is an indulgence reserved for special occasions. But the traditional way we dine is slowly changing from the plate of meat, vegetable and starch to a wider array of choices in smaller portions. And with more variety, there's more balance and an emphasis on the quality of the ingredients. Farm to Table and Seasonal cuisine are au courant, but in reality, it's how we used to eat before the rise of food TV and grocery stores that offer us almost anything we want, at any time of the year.

I'm delighted to be launching Robert Lhulier Cuisine, first, with you: my friends, family and people I've met at the table. We have history together! But, it's the ones I haven't yet met I am most excited for. I am genuinely jazzed when I get to feed people my cuisine for the first time. And I especially love when they allow me to create the menu for them.

The great chef Charlie Trotter prided himself on changing his menus every single night. With three multi-course menus each evening over the span of 25 years, the permutations are staggering. Even if he tweaked an ingredient, changed the way it was plated or seasoned a dish differently, it automatically became unique, to be enjoyed only by those who dined that evening. And then it was gone. That is the nature of food: it is an edible memory. Robert Lhulier Cuisine will always be about the best ingredients that taste best right now. It will always be about details and technique. It was always be about creativity and adventure. And it will always be about flavor.

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